“Virtual entrepreneurship for a sustainable world” Curriculum

Work Package 3

“Virtual entrepreneurship for a sustainable world” Curriculum

WP3 aims to develop an innovative curriculum for school education, which will include a variety of educational materials and tools, as well as interactive activities for students, while all its content will be fully aligned with the findings of the report developed under WP2. Essentially, it aims to provide educational material on a variety of entrepreneurship concepts as basic knowledge and how entrepreneurship can contribute to the sustainable development of our societies, with a focus on society and the natural environment. Therefore, WP3 aims to provide all the necessary teaching materials for teachers and school staff to engage students and their families in real-world green and social entrepreneurship activities through both theoretical and explanatory materials and through educational activities to develop real businesses.

As such, WP3 contributes significantly to the overall objectives of the Green & Social StartUps project by being the core of the project. More specifically, the “Virtual entrepreneurship for a sustainable world” curriculum will contribute to the achievement of learning and active entrepreneurship to solve problems related to environmental pollution and social problems. Consequently, in developing a plethora of important and essential 21st first century skills such as creativity, problem solving, critical thinking, communication. In addition, WP3 aims to develop common values, involvement and participation in social development, sense of belonging, social responsibility in students. In other words, it will provide knowledge of entrepreneurship, while seeking the holistic and balanced development of the other key areas of the student’s existence besides the cognitive one, i.e. social and emotional. What is more, it will be an innovative, effective and ready-touse tool for teachers, evolving their teaching methods.

The “Virtual entrepreneurship for a sustainable world” Curriculum will consist of 2 main parts: the theoretical and practical part.

1. the theoretical part will consist of specific modules that will form a comprehensive educational package of educational material and activities for school students on green and social entrepreneurship. More specifically, it will include the following modules:

• What entrepreneurship is and what it can offer. This module will include an explanation of entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial mindset, and how it can broaden one’s horizons both as a business owner and as an employee of a company.

• Entrepreneurship for a greener planet. This module will include techniques and practices on how entrepreneurship can contribute to sustainability, caring for the natural environment and addressing climate change.

• Entrepreneurship for social change. This module will include practices and activities aimed at developing entrepreneurship to create social value, achieve social goals and solve social problems.

• Entrepreneurship in disadvantaged circumstances. This module aims to develop entrepreneurial thinking in people who feel they cannot make it in the business and professional world. Through activities, successful examples and storytelling it will empower people such as girls, those living in remote areas, and those facing learning, financial or social difficulties.

2. the practical part will include virtual entrepreneurship activities. Students will be invited to create their own businesses, applying what they have learned through the theoretical part of WP3. They will be able to either develop a product or provide a service that solves an environmental or social problem, estimating an indicative economic value. At the end of their activities, the money raised will be donated to a charity, reinforcing their sense of giving back to society for a good cause.

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