Scientific High School “Benedetto Croce”

Benedetto Croce High School is headquartered in Benfratelli street 4. It is in the south-west of the historical centre of Palermo. In Benfratelli street there were the Fatebenefratelli convent, the hospital and the church called S. Giovanni di Dio built between 1658 and 1663 and destroyed by the bombs of the World War in 1943. We still can see some of its remains. The convent became a school after 1866 and we can admire the big room that has a wooden ceiling decorated in baroque, which nowadays is used for meetings and conferences. The first branch is in Corazza street 41, near the central station and Oreto street.

Our school has two addresses: traditional scientific high school (with Latin), and the address of applied sciences (with computer science). The school is divided into three plexuses, the central one that is located in Ballarò anThe main office of the high school, the one from which we connect today, is the most beautiful among the
three plexuses. Here there are several laboratories, a computer room, a large courtyard and two gyms.

In addition, in this complex there is a magnificent lecture hall, famous for its frescoes, and known in the city for its artistic and cultural value.d the other two branches that are located in two nearby areas.The school system of our school works like all Italian high schools: in the two-year period we have 27 hours for week, and in the three-year period 30 hours. We go to school from Monday to Friday and since the third year we leave every day at 14:00. School starts in mid-September and ends in early June, with several vacations during the year.

Benedetto Croce is one of the few high schools in palermo that participates in many projects, including Erasmus. Before the pandemic, thanks to the support of the principal Simonetta Calafiore, trips, educational outings and meetings were organized. Now many of these activities can not be carried out, but despite this the school is always available to participate in projects at a distance, with the online connection.

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