Inspiring Stories Collection

Work Package 4

Inspiring Stories Collection

The ultimate goal of the Inspiring Stories Collection is to provide inspiration through concrete examples of individuals doing business in the context of either green entrepreneurship or social entrepreneurship. Therefore, a collection of inspiring videos with case interviews/presentations from the partner countries (Poland, Greece, Italy, Serbia, Belgium, Turkey) will be developed, as well as a collection of good practice related business stories without national barriers, either at European or global level. In other words, the Inspiring Stories Collection aims to develop material that will inspire and reinforce the feeling that everyone can strive to succeed in their professional life. It will offer a variety of inspiring stories that will lead students and anyone else who watches them to the realisation that it is always worth trying and that success is not an elusive dream. As such, it will provide the necessary reinforcement of students’ interest to strengthen their entrepreneurial knowledge and adopt an entrepreneurial way of thinking to solve social problems and tackle climate change.

Consequently, the Inspiring Stories Collection will complement all the other work packages so that together, they will achieve the goals and purpose of the Green & Social StartUps project. Essentially, the other educational resources will provide the know-how and capacity building for practicing green and social entrepreneurship (Teachers Training programme & “Virtual entrepreneurship for a sustainable world” Curriculum), and the Inspiring Stories Collection will provide the necessary inspiration for both teachers and students to develop the entrepreneurial mindset for the sustainable development of the wider society.

The results of WP4 will be directed in 2 directions:

Video interviews or podcasts of interviews with people who have been active in business to solve environmental and social problems in partner countries will be developed. Thus, a collection of interviews will be developed that will aim to inspire students and teachers, as well as anyone interested in becoming active in green or social entrepreneurship.

The second part of WP4 is the collection of good practices from organisations active in green and social entrepreneurship, offering a wealth of ideas to students for sustainable entrepreneurship, which they can use not only to implement their initiatives in the virtual entrepreneurship activities (WP3) but also in their later professional life.

Stay tuned for more!

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